Czech by Zuzka

I am a patient Czech teacher with positive energy. I show my learners the charm of the Czech language and help them feel comfortable using it. I also create video courses and online material for various levels.

Learn Grammatical Cases

With my e-book Just in Case, you will learn and practice Czech cases (and not only that). Lots of information, exercises, tips and encouraging words.

Get a Free Booklet of Czech Dialogues

Learn Czech in context through short entertaining conversations. Read and listen to 5 dialogues of a young married couple.

8.2. 2023

Waiting for my dream job to show up

It was the year of 2018. I had been teaching English and Spanish for almost a decade (part time and full time) and I felt like it had to end. I was tired of teaching and I was wishing to find my dream job. I wasn’t sure what that might be but I was quite certain teaching was not it. I...