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You can learn Czech through videos at your own pace. The courses are well-structured, videos are grouped into sections according to the topic and there are lots of quizzes for you to practise what you have learned.

The video courses I show here are accessible on the Udemy platform. If you're interested in a course, simply click on the red button saying "Preview this course" or on the picture available on this page. You will be taken to the course description on Udemy where you can purchase it as well. I will appreciate it if you buy the course through the links or access I share (such as those on this page) because this way, I will get the most revenue. If you buy Udemy courses without the tutor's reference link, the platform (Udemy) will get most of the share. Please keep this in mind whenever you purchase a Udemy course. 🙂

A Fantastic Journey Into The Czech Language & Culture

Level: A0/A1 (Absolute Beginners, False Beginners, Elementary)
Over 12 hours of video material.

Are you planning on moving to the Czech Republic and you have little or no experience with its language? Are you going to spend some time traveling or studying in the Czech Republic? Or is your partner Czech and you wish to understand his or her culture and language?

The Czech language is beautiful and worth exploring (Elvish-like, I dare to say!). You get to enjoy the rich culture of the Czech Republic when you order your food or ride the public transportation. In the meantime you will get to experience the beautiful constructs of the language. You will realize that my course is fun, light, yet very informative!

What others say about this course

This course is a hidden gem on Udemy. The course instructor has amazing teaching skills and teaches from her heart. Without any doubt, the instructor put too many hours into this very detailed course to cover foundational parts of the Czech language. Here are a few things I admire about the course so far: * Using a whiteboard and colored markers are great pedagogical tools for those who are learning and teaching. * The course title is a true representation of the material covered. This is usually not the case for some other courses. * The way she taught how to construct basic sentences from simple patterns, as in the first video, is very encouraging * The revisions at the beginning of each module are a great emphasis on what has been taught * The quizzes at the end of each section are fun and they provide an assessment tool of the material covered * The dialogues pronounced by native people and the real sound-effect of the situation makes the learner lives the experience and retain the knowledge * The little nuggets of knowledge about the culture adds another layer of knowledge and makes the learning experience fun * The videos available in audio to download make those who want to listen while on the go possible. I am confident that my learning objectives will be met from this course and future ones. Thank you, I very much appreciate it!
This course is a marvellous fast-track introduction to the Czech language that avoids most of the pitfalls of regular Czech courses and textbooks. Learners will profit a lot from Zuzka's teaching experience and great presentation style. After this course, I'd recommend to get a Czech teacher on italki, expand your vocabulary with a visual dictionary and check out the many Czech language teaching YouTube channels. Good luck!
Was good fun doing this course. Zuzka obviously enjoys teaching. Even though I am not a total beginner, I still enjoyed dusting off my Czech basics after a longer break. The course is good not only for beginners. It is well-structured, using smart and simple teaching means to keep the focus on a good mix of pronunciation, grammar and conversation. Loved the included tips for sightseeing in the Czech Republic. Thank you Zuzka.
I had already started learning Czech prior to taking this course but I found I had gaps in my basic knowledge. This course has been a BIG help and was fun to take. Having an instructor, like Zuzka, who makes the lessons fun, was a big help. I look forward to taking more classes and continuing my journey towards learning the Czech language. Definitely take these courses if you want to kickstart your learning and enjoy doing it!

Čeština na gauči (Learn Czech effectively)

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

Zjistit vícePovolit video

Level: A0/A1/A2 (Beginner/Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)
2 hours of video material + 70-page e-textbook

The course Čeština na gauči (Czech language on the sofa) comes  with an original PDF textbook based on my video series.

You can look forward to learning a total of 121 words throughout the whole course. Each video has about 5 minutes and presents 6 words. There are a total of 20 videos focused on various practical topics. However, you will learn much more: useful words in a context, their spelling and pronunciation, interesting and useful remarks and related vocabulary and grammar not in an overwhelming way. The complement to the videos is the before mentioned booklet of 70 pages which will help you expand your newly acquired knowledge from the videos.

The topics presented in the book are practical and a perfect for everyday life communication. Although each lesson is focused on teaching items (mostly nouns), the additional exercises will not only help you practice the words in context but also get you acquainted with related vocabulary such as adjectives and verbs. You will also learn synonyms for each topic.

What others say about this course

I so enjoyed this course! Learning just a few related words per lesson is a great idea! Zuzka is a creative and positive teacher, providing the right amount of enthusiasm and encouragement as she uses multiple ways to hear, speak, and understand the vocabulary for each lesson. I find the format of this course very helpful, that of having the words in each lesson be topically related to a particular theme. Some of the thematic topics include types of food, types of clothing and personal accessories, types of house tools such as a hammer, nails, screws, and computers and related equipment, as well as other topics. Zuzka also gently and optionally introduces grammatical topics for those who might be curious and interested in exploring Czech grammar.
This course presents very useful, down-to-earth vocabulary for several topics. A great advantage is the coupling of the visual (seeing objects and written words) with the aural (hearing the words). As we know, learning is enhanced when more senses are engaged. All words are pronounced clearly, first slowly, then at normal speed; and any things to watch out for are explained (like how to pronounce -v- or the -h- in “batoh”). I especially like the full sentences that show how new vocabulary is used. These often led me down rabbit trails, like finding verbs that are related to the vocabulary. It was interesting for me to see new words with stems that I had learned previously and enjoy “aha moments.” The course can inspire individual creative ways to use the material. I must not fail to mention the teacher Zuzka, who is not only a skilled teacher but a very appealing personality.
Arlene (Norway)

Explore the Art of Original Czech Conversing

Level: A2/B1 (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)                  NOW 40% OFF!  
Over 3.5 hours of video material + 87-page e-book

You wil enjoy learning practical phrases, colorful colloquial expressions used in various situations. I make sure to highlight the new vocabulary and grammar and link them back to each of their corresponding dialogue. You will practice vocabulary and phrases in an e-book created specifically for this course. It also contains three grammar chapters (past tense, perfective/imperfective verbs and comparison of adjectives).

You will learn some formal everyday situations: sending a package by registered mail, exchanging money, making a complaint, buying a train ticket, getting a fine on public transport and making an appointment with the hairdresser. You will also be introduced to some informal situations: meeting the parents in law and having a small talk with your coworker.

The material that I present here are eleven original conversations, which are narrated by ten awesome native Czech speakers. You will be able to download the audio files of each dialogue alongside with the original transcript and its English translation and listen to them at two different speeds: natural and slow pace.

What others say about this course

I've thoroughly enjoyed taking 'Explore the Art of Original Czech Conversing'. Zuzana makes the classes fun and informative, so I'm both entertained and learning at the same time. This teaching method has been a big help in retaining the material I learn because I can easily associate the lessons to the class. I highly recommend this course.
This was absolutely a great course for me as an A1/A2 level student learning Czech. Zuzana is an excellent teacher with approachable and realistic materials
An absolutely fantastic course from start to finish! The conversations are a great and meaningful way to learn vocabulary and grammar, and the sections on past tense and perfective/imperfective verbs were extremely helpful. Many thanks, Zuzka, and I look forward to doing more of your courses.
Anonymized user

When Czech Stories Are Never Better 1

Level: A2/B1/B2 (Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate)
2.5 hours of video material

If you enjoy reading short stories and learning languages, you have come to the right place!

This course is designed for learners who would like to improve their Czech through entertaining real-life stories that happened in Prague. These funny, heartwarming stories took place during awkward situations or even embarrassing encounters in public places (transportation, streets, or the park).

Here, I present the stories in the colloquial Czech as they originally happened. I selected 15 stories from a book titled Odposlechnuto v Praze (Overheard in Prague) and explained everything you need to know about the language and the culture to understand and enjoy the story. Together, we will read anecdotes from humorous situations involving dogs, family members, faux-pas in the meeting, at a restaurant and on the tram. You might find yourself interested in the job of being a public transport ticket inspector.

What is the structure of each video lecture (story)?

  1. Introduction of the story
  2. Part by part translation
  3. Explanation of important/interesting vocabulary and grammar on the whiteboard
  4. Read-along section
  5. Quiz

What others say about this course

Zuzka has one really distinctive advantage. She's not just a great teacher. She's a masterful guide. She immerses you very gently into the Czech language and Czech culture. Personally, I look forward to her lessons like new episodes of my favorite show on Netflix.
Zuzka has once again found an entertaining and effective way to teach her students new words. I find the idea to use the short stories simply brilliant. Thanks to the context and the punch line, it is possible to make the newly learnt words become unforgettable. And to have the skills (and guts) to tell a joke to the native speaker, when you are learning a new language, is just priceless - I surely don't have to explain it to anybody. 🙂 Thank you once again for your work, Ms Mikulecká!
This course is excellent and very entertaining! I've learned a lot, especially about colloquial Czech, which I found super difficult to find materials and explanations elsewhere. I'm so glad that I came across this course and I'm looking forward to upcoming courses from Zuzka!
Zuzka has done it again! Using those wonderful glimpses of life in Prague, that reminded me of Friedrich Torberg's witty stories about "Tante Jolesch" in the same city a century ago, is a great idea to teach Czech language and culture at the same time. Its only fault is that the course is rather short. I'd gladly listen to some more stories.

When Czech Stories Are Never Better 2

Level: A2/B1/B2 (Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate)
3 hours of video material

Real-life encounters from Prague are back! As well as in the first part, in this course I will also teach you up-to-date Czech through another 15 entertaining stories. The structure of the course is the same as in When Czech Stories Are Never Better 1:

  1. Introduction of the story
  2. Part by part translation
  3. Explanation of important/interesting vocabulary and grammar on the whiteboard
  4. Read along section
  5. Quiz

You will learn not only colloquial Czech, but a mixture of lively language you can use to tell an engaging story to your friends and family. A couple of stories also contain some language jokes which I will help you understand.


What others say about this course

I'm really enjoying the thoroughness in which Zuzka explains grammar, yet she does it in a fun and easy manner. I find it helps retain grammar with stories, because it's more relevant than rote memorization alone.
These little stories are great: nice that there’s a funny little twist at the end. Wonderful explanation of the grammar - thank you!
The most useful thing for me in these lessons is that Zuzka intelligently teaches how to parse texts written in Czech. Using her method, you can improve your language skills very quickly.
Points out confusions that a beginning learner may have and clarifies them in videos.
Again another very useful and entertaining course!