Downloadable Learning Material

Here you can download PDF worksheets that accompany some of my YouTube videos and will help you understand the topics in more detail.

Beginner Level

Let's start by practicing verbs!

Verbs Conjugation Table - Present Tense (Imperfective Verbs)
Learn how to conjugate basic verbs such as to have, speak, walk, start but also more advanced verbs such as scream.

Tale about Hyenas
Practice the basic verbs in a fun story about animals. (Free worksheet)

Useful phrases such as Excuse me, I'm looking for... (Free worksheet)

Verbs in Future Tense (Perfective Verbs)
Learn the most important perfective verbs and how to use them in future tense. I also explain what is the difference between perfective and imperfective verbs.

Verbs in Past Tense NEW WORKSHEET!
18-page worksheet with theory and exercises. Everything you need to know in order to properly form and use the past tense. You will learn the regular and irregular verbs, word order, contracted forms ses and sis, and even things you would not find in an ordinary textbook.

Here are a few transcripts of my videos filmed outdoors where I speak only Czech:

Let's go to Cibulka Park in Prague Transcript and an activity (Free worksheet)
Petřín Lookout Tower (Free worksheet)
Discover the unique Grébovka Gardens (Free worksheet)

Čeština na gauči - Free sample of my textbook
Learn basic everyday vocabulary in three various topics (Dining, Working on the computer, Types of material). Study each topic with a short video from my video course and YouTube series "Čeština na gauči" and practice the vocabulary in context with the PDF textbook.

Intermediate/Advanced Level

Dative Case A 25-page document will help you master the dative case (a modified chapter from my e-book Just in Case).
16 various exercises and study tables are waiting for you!

Conditional clauses Have you wondered how the words by, kdyby, aby  work? 

Reflexive Pronouns se & si Free worksheet! (and one of the most downloaded ones)
Pamatovat si, zeptat se, mračit se... Learn the most common verbs with se and si in context.

Feminine Nouns Ending in a Consonant Free worksheet! 
You might know that postel, mrkev and noc are feminine. But about about sůl, poušť  or možnost?

Demonstrative Pronouns
You will learn about different declensions of ten, ta, to or tento, tato, toto but also more informal and widely used words such as tamten, tamhleten, tadyten and all their genders and forms.

Verb Prefixes:

Worksheets with exercises are excellent additional material for my YouTube videos. The worksheets are arranged in the order of my recorded videos.

If you're studying Czech verbs in detail, you might want to buy the whole package of all the worksheets with verb prefixes (12 in total) for only 5 euros.

Prefix U- Uvařit, upéct, uklidit... and dozens of other verbs. | Practice verbs starting with u- in a 5-page worksheet and 3 exercises.

Prefix NA- napsat, nachodit se, najíst se and many more! | A 6-page worksheet with 3 exercises

Prefix S(E)- sejít se, sepsat, slézt... | A 6-page worksheet with 3 exercises

Prefix Z(E)-  změnit, zrušit, zčervenat... | A 7-page worksheet with 3 exercises

Prefix DO- dočkat se, dobít, dojíst... | A 6-page worksheet with 4 exercises

Prefix OD- oddělat, odnaučit se, odeslat... | An 8-page worksheet with 3 exercises

Prefix V/VE- vjet, vlézt, vsugerovat | Free worksheet (3 pages of verbs without exercises)

Prefix VY- vymyslet, vyzkoušet, vyjet... | A 10-page worksheet with 4 exercises

Prefix ROZ(E)- rozjet se, rozdělat, rozprodat... | A 10-page worksheet with 4 exercises

Prefix PRO- promluvit, prohledat, provrtat... | A 10-page worksheet with 4 exercises

Prefix VZ- vznést se, vzdát se, vzpomenout si... | Free worksheet (5 pages of verbs with one exercise)

Prefix PO- podívat se, požádat, povléct... | A 10-page worksheet with 4 exercises

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