Here you can practice the grammatical cases, informal Czech or test your knowledge on everyday vocabulary. 

Test Your Knowledge on Grammatical Cases

All the Cases

See how well you know the Czech grammatical cases!

Accusative Case

Practice the key words for the accusative case.

Genitive Case

Review all you need to know about the genitive case.

Locative Case

How much do you know about the locative case?

Dative Case

What will be your score on the dative case?

Instrumental Case

Practice and learn about the instrumental case.

Nominative Case

Can you recognize the nominative case?

Vocative Case

Not ready yet but

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Everyday Vocab

Fork, lid, charger, band-aid... Do you know the names of the objects you use daily?

Verbs with SE/SI

Practice reflexive verbs that exist both with and without se/si but their meaning changes.

Informal Czech

Czech conversations are filled with informal words and phrases. Let's see them...

Conversational Czech

Practice phrases and vocab useful in informal and formal conversations.

Prep. pro, na, za

Translating 'for' in Czech is tricky. We usually have at least three options. Is it pro, na or za? Let's practice!