Explore the Art

of Original Czech Conversing

Learn Pre-Intermediate Czech in context with eleven engaging conversations.
Listen & read and explore the Czech language & culture in an entertaining way.

Video Course & E-book

  • Perfect for A2 & B1 level
  • Udemy video course + e-book
  • Over 3.5 hours of video material
  • Original 87-page e-book
  • Vocabulary & phrases built around 11 engaging dialogues

As good as a private class

This video course will guide you through the material step by step. You will feel like you are attending an online class but with the advantage that you can watch the videos as many times as you want! The individual videos connect the grammar you have learned together, so you will feel comfortable learning continuously. Learning vocabulary and grammar in context feels natural and enjoyable and it will be reinforced with extra exercises that you can find in the 87-page e-book that is part of this course. The video course will be accessible on the Udemy platform.

What you will learn

You will learn phrases typical for formal everyday situations: sending a package by registered mail, exchanging money, making a complaint, buying a train ticket, getting a fine on public transport and making an appointment. You will also be introduced to some informal situations: meeting the parents in law or having a small talk with your co-worker.

The material that I present here are eleven original conversations, which are narrated by ten awesome native Czech speakers. You will be able to download the audio files of each dialogue alongside with the original transcript and its English translation and listen to them at two different speeds: natural and slow pace.

After this course, you will be able to use practical phrases and colloquial expressions in various situations. I make sure to highlight the new vocabulary and grammar and link them back to each of their corresponding dialogue. You will practice vocabulary and phrases in an e-book created specifically for this course. It also contains three grammar chapters (past tense, perfective/imperfective verbs and comparison of adjectives).

Lots of listening!

In the video lesson, you will listen to each dialogue twice - without text and then with it. I will explain all the important vocabulary and phrases.

In the e-book, you will find the transcript and the link to listen to the conversation recorded at a natural pace with different voice of native speakers.

You will also find more support by listening to the audio at a slow pace, which will allow you to hear every word properly.

What others say about this course

"I've thoroughly enjoyed taking 'Explore the Art of Original Czech Conversing'. Zuzana makes the classes fun and informative, so I'm both entertained and learning at the same time. This teaching method has been a big help in retaining the material I learn because I can easily associate the lessons to the class. I highly recommend this course."
"This was absolutely a great course for me as an A1/A2 level student learning Czech. Zuzana is an excellent teacher with approachable and realistic materials."
"An absolutely fantastic course from start to finish! The conversations are a great and meaningful way to learn vocabulary and grammar, and the sections on past tense and perfective/imperfective verbs were extremely helpful. Many thanks, Zuzka, and I look forward to doing more of your courses."
Anonymized user

What's inside the e-book:

Take a look at what the course is about

After the course, you will know how to:

  • say the right expressions when you meet someone new
  • use handy phrases for a conversation with a friend or a co-worker
  • ask for a favor
  • buy a train ticket
  • send a package and fill out a posting form
  • exchange money
  • make a complaint
  • make an appointment
  • arrange a meeting over the phone and apologize for misunderstanding

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