Experience Czech in context with the e-book

My First Czech Adventure

  • Great for A1 & A2 level
  • 20 short stories (in forms of conversations) with an entertaining twist
  • 60 common verbs
  • 140 essential words
  • Audio recordings at both natural & slow pace
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Engaging and light exercises

Master Czech grammatical cases with the e-book

Just in Case...

  • Great for A2-B2 levels
  • Clear explanations of all the rules and exceptions in English
  • Helpful tips, with direct links to my YouTube videos, which will help you stay focused
  • Engaging learning activities
  • Fun exercises to reinforce your knowledge

Learn Czech in context with video course + an e-book

Explore the Art
of Original Czech Conversing

  • Perfect for A2 & B1 level
  • Udemy video course + e-book
  • Over 3.5 hours of video material
  • Vocabulary & phrases built around 11 engaging dialogues
  • Audio recordings at both natural & slow pace
  • Engaging exercises

Learn Czech in dialogues with a FREE E-BOOK

5 Jars of Pickles

  • Suitable for A1-B1 levels
  • Meet George & Markéta
  • 5 amusing dialogues of a married couple
  • Audio recording at natural and slow pace
  • Vocabulary lists with key words: nouns, adjectives and verbs

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