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5 Jars of Pickles

Learn Czech in context through short entertaining conversations. Read and listen to 5 Czech dialogues of a young married couple. He is English and she is Czech. Find out who is going cook the breakfast and who will wash the frying pan. And who caught a tick in the park?

What is inside this booklet?

Meet George, an Englishman who has been living in Prague, Czech Republic for 5 years, and his Czech wife Markéta, who fully supports him practicing her native language. They speak Czech all the time!

Together, we will witness these conversations:
    1. Na co se budeme dívat? / What are we going to watch?
    2. Co bude k snídani? / What’s for breakfast?
    3. Chytla jsem klíště! / I caught a tick!
    4. Vybíráme pastu na zuby / Choosing a toothpaste
    5. Kudy půjdeme? / Which way will we go?

Every dialogue is first presented in Czech and followed up by the English translation. You can also choose to read the
English version first. The main words (verb, adjectives and nouns) are highlighted in bold, color-coded and listed below the dialogue. This way, you can learn the vocabulary separately and you always know where to find it if you need to see it in context. 

You can listen to each dialogue being read in natural pace and slower pace. You will find links to the individual recordings inside the booklet. The dialogues focus on everyday topics and are written in informal Czech.

"When I downloaded 5 Jars of Pickles from Czech By Zuzka, I couldn’t believe I got this gem of learning for free! Suddenly you can learn in the setting of actual conversations. A second gift included in this download is the audio versions of the conversations! When I realized how much I was getting in this free download, I felt a little guilty that I didn’t pay Zuzana for all her hard work. There aren’t just one or two conversations with this download, but 5 - and all 5 come with the audio. 5 Jars of Pickles is an excellent learning tool and I recommend downloading it. You will enjoy this captivating learning experience and be left wanting more!"