Master the Czech Grammatical Cases with "Just in Case" e-book

Are Czech grammatical cases giving you a hard time?
In this e-book, I will show you that they are not that intimidating after all.
Make the cases your allies in mastering the Czech language. 

Inside the e-book, you'll find:

  • Clear explanations of all the rules and exceptions in English
  • Helpful tips, with direct links to my YouTube videos, which will help you stay focused
  • Engaging learning activities
  • Fun exercises to reinforce your knowledge

use on your laptop or phone

easily complete exercises

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Have you ever felt defeated by Czech cases?

Would you like to understand the whole magic behind the Czech grammatical cases but you give up because the rules are too overwhelming and scattered all over?

Have you heard others say that "the cases are difficult"?

Do you wish you felt confident speaking Czech, using the right word forms at the right time, but then you go to a cafe, stammering when your turn comes: "Dám si káva, kávy,... kávem..." ? But wait, what if you want to specify your order and get your coffee with whipped cream? Or without it? Uh-oh...

I have heard similar stories from various people, including some of my students. They share common challenges: not knowing how to properly learn the cases or where to find the rules, and lacking the right mindset for learning.

Just in Case brings together all the knowledge you need about Czech grammatical cases in one place, but more importantly, it helps you adopt a positive approach in learning so that your language journey can begin successfully! 

What are cases for anyway?

The "infamous" grammatical cases are present in almost every Czech sentence, for example:

  • when you wish someone a happy birthday: (Přeju ti) Všechno nejlepší narozeninám!
  • when you order food or drinks: Dám si pizzu se šunkou, ale bez žampionů.
  • when you talk about using means of transport: Pojedeš vlakem? or Jezdím na kole.
  • when we address a person: Ahoj Honzo, jsi doma? or Vážený pane Lukeši...

Depending on what kind of learner you are, you can take a certain approach when learning Czech. If you don't enjoy the grammar talk, you can ignore the fact that the Czech language has seven cases, but eventually, you will start noticing there are patterns that tend to repeat. For instance: něco hezkého, nic zajímavého, co je na tom zvláštního? Wouldn't it be a time saver to know how to apply the rules to situations in different contexts?

How can Just in Case help you?

With Just in Case, you will be able to recognize all the patterns and match them to specific cases. Sooner or later, you will start using the words in their correct forms based on the knowledge you gain from this e-book.

Just in Case is not like other textbooks. I wrote it in a way that you feel as if I was your personal tutor, having a lesson with you and explaining every grammatical case, part by part. I introduce the grammar rules lightly, with humor (like I do in my YouTube videos) and I break them down into simple, digestible explanations.

Let's face it, the cases can be tricky and confusing, easily discouraging the learners. Most them give up because they lack the right learning environment and end up turning their backs on grammatical cases. But what if you approached them differently? If you take a positive yet realistic approach, the learning will become easier.

Yes, understanding the cases is hard work, but they make the language so much richer. Learning Czech and its cases challenges your brain in a way that it will never get old! This is the spirit of the whole e-book. I motivate you without overwhelming you. I use pictures and colors to distinguish each case, and I support the theory with optional videos. You can choose to watch them, but it's not necessary. You can have fun practicing the use of each case with exercises and enjoyable activities.

Although it's an e-book, I make sure to stay in touch with my readers—you! I am always here for you. Therefore, this book is excellent for self-learners. Thanks to the encouraging words and links to videos, the book comes alive.

What will you learn?

  • When to use each grammatical case
    You will learn typical verbs, prepositions and other key words.
  • How to form each case
    You will learn major endings and common irregular words.
  • How to spot the case
    I will show you typical environment and situations in which you can encounter a specific case.
  • How to get excited about the Czech grammar
    Every code can be cracked when you know how! I will show you tips on how not to get overwhelmed by the amount of information.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of Czech and sound more natural when speaking. I recommend it to anyone who has at least a basic knowledge of the Czech language (Elementary - A1) and is ready to learn about grammatical cases. It is also of great help to A2, B1 and B2 learners. Whether you are learning about the cases for the first time, or you know about them and want to take a closer look at them, Just in Case is the perfect companion for you! 

Now you might be thinking: "I think I am a beginner. Is this book suitable for me?" It might be. The first chapter of the book starts by introducing Czech grammatical genders and how to spot them. You will see enough examples with English translation. Afterward, I talk about the grammatical cases in general and then introduce the first case (nominative) - with elegance and ease. You can order the book and if you find out the level is not right for you, you can ask for a full refund within 14 days of the purchase. Sounds good?

All the descriptions and instructions in the textbook are written in English, which makes it easy to understand for any learner who is comfortable using English.

What others say about Just in Case

“Just in Case” has exceeded my expectations. From the first moment, the study tables were exactly what I was looking for to recognize and form the words right. It solved in the meantime my struggle with the right use of the prepositions. I like the way it is presented. The consequent use of colors, the illustrations, the practical exercises and the many hyperlinks, as well as the extension of my practical vocabulary, make it fun to study. For instance I enjoyed the map of the zoo of Prague. Thanks for this nice work.
Tom W, Belgium
I have been looking for a long time for a tool that would help me master Czech declensions, and "Just in Case" by Zuzka is exactly, what I needed! The numerous explanations, examples and exercises definitely helped me to progress here noticeably. And if I am unsure or forgot about a specific rule, I can always refer to the included Study Tables. So thank you very much for this great piece of work, Zuzka!
Andreas, Germany
After years of struggling and trying to learn Czech via different methods, while not making much progress, I came across Zuzka as an online instructor. From that moment onwards I began to enjoy learning Czech so much more because I noticed progress after almost every lesson! Zuzka’s method is very thorough but always pleasant and informative. She uses a lot of real life examples and emphasizes spoken Czech. This helps so much in understanding the Czechs when they talk to you! I therefore can highly recommend her new e-book that also helps you make progress with the Czech grammar!
Daniëlle, the Netherlands
The e-book is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners, as it provides clear explanations, examples, and tips. Some examples come from daily life, containing phrases we hear while living in the Czech Republic. Cases can be ambiguous and confusing for learners but the e-book manages to point out the differences. I am glad I found it! It is worth getting it!!
I printed out your very nice books to keep on practicing during the next 6 weeks I won't see my personal Czech teacher and I started reading it. It is really well set up and helps me with my grammar struggles I always had. I can highly recommend buying it.
I find the e-book really useful to help me learn and understand more about Czech cases. It’s fun to use and laid out in such a way that it’s easy to work through and feel that I’m really making progress!

What you can look forward to in this PDF Textbook?

Part 1: Just in Case - The Main Book

210 pages of theory explained in English in an engaging manner. Throughout the content, you'll find plenty of encouragement, jokes, and fun facts not only about the Czech language but also about Czech culture. With over 120 exercises, you'll be challenged to think, smile (perhaps even laugh!), and, most importantly, want to learn more. The answer key ensures you're on the right track.

The book is interactive and contains active links to videos and other external sources to enhance your study experience.

Part 2: Study Tables

In this part, you'll find 36 pages filled with tables containing practical words in various forms. The grammatical cases and genders are color-coded for clarity.

What else can you expect?

You will explore each case in individual and comprehensive chapters—I left no stone unturned. You'll learn about each case in both singular and plural forms, covering every part of speech (nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals).

The right information is served at the right time, ensuring that your understanding progresses seamlessly. And for those who are eager for more, there's plenty of additional material to satisfy their appetite for knowledge.

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Just in Case...

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My expertise

I have been teaching languages for over 15 years. Besides the advantage of being a native Czech speaker, I've received valuable feedback from a diverse range of learners regarding my teaching methods and the exercises I prepare. Additionally, I've gathered insights on various language textbooks. I know what my learners appreciate, how they prefer to practice and, equally important, what discourages them. Based on my experience teaching and creating my own material over the years, I created this textbook. I have also been receiving feedback from the subscribers to my YouTube channel Czech by Zuzka. My series about Grammatical Cases has been very popular, which inspired me to create this unique e-book.

Invest in your future

There is more work behind this textbook than just the time I spent writing and designing it (which was not insignificant). All the years of experience working with different kinds of learners and using various kinds of books have helped me put together a valuable and lightweight guide to the grammatical cases.

If you decided to pay for a private course where you would learn this kind of information, it would be at least 30 hours of lessons. I don't think you would find a 30-hour course for the price of this interactive e-book. With this book, you will have access to Czech texts and videos at any time. You can also print it and write in it, which I highly recommend!

Nowadays, there are dozens of textbooks on Czech as a second language. I am very grateful for the variety and I am happy to contribute with my own work, a textbook that's accessible to everyone and ideal for self-studying. Just in Case is focusing specifically on the topic of grammatical cases and it has everything you need in order for you to understand, learn and practice.

If you find out the book is not what you were hoping for, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. Write an email to and ask for a refund. But I hope that won't be the case.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!