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Zuzana Mikulecká

I am a patient Czech teacher with positive energy. I will show you the charm of the Czech language and help you improve so that you can start feeling comfortable using the language. I also create interactive video courses for complete beginners as well as advanced students. Read my personal story. Have a look at my beginners course called A Fantastic Journey Into The Czech Language & Culture, or see how to learn Czech through dialogues.
22.3. 2023

Stará třešeň

English version and a vocabulary list below Minulý týden jsem byla u maminky na návštěvě. Ukazovala mi, co zbylo ze staré třešně na zahradě. Museli ji celou pořezat, protože už byla suchá. Myslím, že jí mohlo být takových 60 let, možná víc. Mám na ni spoustu vzpomínek. Kolikrát jsem jako malá potají lezla na střechu a ojídala první třešně, které, podle slov...

18.3. 2023

A restaurant like no other

It was in the summer of 2021. My husband wanted to surprise me and took me into a really nice restaurant in Prague. It was on a rooftop! The views of the old part of town were amazing. The sun was about to set and the outdoor temperature was just perfect. The menu looked great too. There...

18.2. 2023

The first steps

Imagine you are learning a completely new language (Hm, let’s say… Czech). What are some of the first words and phrases you would like to know? Hello. – Dobrý den. Goodbye. – Na shledanou. Thank you. – Děkuju. My name is… – Jmenuju se… I am American/German/Indian… Well, that also depends on why you are learning the language...

8.2. 2023

Waiting for my dream job to show up

It was the year of 2018. I had been teaching English and Spanish for almost a decade (part time and full time) and I felt like it had to end. I was tired of teaching and I was wishing to find my dream job. I wasn’t sure what that might be but I was quite certain teaching was not it. I...