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Články pro štítek Czech verbs
15.2. 2024

How to Use Czech Verbs Ending in -OUT

„Oh, it’s one of those verbs. I never know how to deal with them!“ my student tells me as soon as we come across spadnout (to fall). It belongs to this peculiar category of verbs that learners seem to be a bit afraid of, maybe rightfully so. It’s confusing when it comes to their conjugation until you...

6.7. 2023

Let’s talk about means of transport

When it comes to using the means of transport in a phrase, we have to consider picking the right verb and of course, the right form of the noun (the particular means of transport). By the right form I mean the right case. What does that mean? Read below. Would you prefer to watch this lecture in...

14.6. 2023

Talking about the Future

One of my subscribers once asked how we can express plans in the future in Czech. Here are my answers!You can also watch a video where I explain this topic: The first option that comes to mind about talking about the future is actually using the future tense. For that, we have two possibilities: 1. Future tense...

18.5. 2023

Don’t Get Intimidated by These Verbs

Watch a video lesson about this topic here. My students give me endless inspiration for learning videos. In one of my lessons the other day, my student and I somehow got to the verb mást (to confuse). She said, „I have never heard of such a verb.“ Truth be told, it is more common to come across the...

24.3. 2023

How to Construct the Imperative Form in Czech

Why do we say počkej (wait), but nečekej for don’t wait? Making imperatives in Czech can be a bit confusing, but don’t worry (neboj se/ nebojte se), there are rules which we can follow. And, there are also irregular verbs which don’t follow those rules. Well, that’s Czech, you’re probably not surprised. First, let’s have a look at...