Czech for beginners

Články pro štítek Czech for beginners
8.4. 2023

Learn vocabulary in record time

The other day one of my closest friends told me: „I was testing my son on German vocabulary. I did it the way you taught me and I realized how effective that is!“ It’s important to mention that my friend was originally „just“ a student of mine. I started teaching her Spanish on Skype in 2017 and over the...

18.2. 2023

The first steps

Imagine you are learning a completely new language (Hm, let’s say… Czech). What are some of the first words and phrases you would like to know? Hello. – Dobrý den. Goodbye. – Na shledanou. Thank you. – Děkuju. My name is… – Jmenuju se… I am American/German/Indian… Well, that also depends on why you are learning the language...